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Enumeration management with zend framework (ZF)?#1
Is there any existing project or incubator to manage user administratable lists of options? We have several 100 lists (most populate dropdowns in our application), many are quite short < 50 items, several with a few hundred items and a handful with thousands (<30,000) entries.

What we are looking for is a database based structure and UI that lets a user make edits to entries.

We took a look at Xyster enum but is lacks any UI and would need work to make it DB capable.

A user preferences "module" might meet many of our needs.

posted date: 2008-12-08 14:35:00

Re: Enumeration management with zend framework (ZF)?#2
I had made out the solution of this problem. click to view my topic...

hope that hepls.

posted date: 2008-12-08 14:35:01

Re: Enumeration management with zend framework (ZF)?#3
I don't think that Zend Framework has what you are looking for. You might be better off looking at some full-stack frameworks that will generate Rails-like scaffold admin pages automatically based on model/table definitions. Try looking at CakePHP, Symfony or QCodo in PHP or Ruby on Rails, Django if you are not bothered about using PHP. Don't get me wrong, Zend Framework can do what you want but it will require a fair bit of custom code.

posted date: 2009-01-23 11:11:00

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