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Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#1
I am going to try to build a PHP website using a framework for the first time, and after some research here and there, I've decided to try to use Kohana

I downloaded the source from their website, and ran the downloaded stuff on my web server, and was then greeted with a 'Welcome to Kohana!' page, and nothing more...

I've tried to find some beginner tutorials on the web as regard this particular framework, but to my surprise, came up with almost nothing (only this one, but it's not a great deal of help)

I am not new to PHP and neither am I new to the MVC concept, but I am very new to PHP Frameworks...so can anyone point me to a Kohana tutorial somewhere on the web that will help me get started in building my website using this framework, from scratch ?

P.S. As I said, I want a beginners tutorial as regarding this case.


I am currently reading the Official Guide...we'll see how that goes.

posted date: 2008-12-26 11:40:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#2
I had made out the solution of this problem. click to view my topic...

hope that hepls.

posted date: 2008-12-26 11:40:01

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#3
Here is one link: Kohana TutorialBut anyway - just enter word: Kohana tutorial into Google and your question is answered.

posted date: 2008-12-26 13:31:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#4
That link you posted is just a collection of tutorials for doing very specific task, and not a beginner's guide.

posted date: 2008-12-26 13:51:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#5
The "Kohana Tutorial" pages are pants. Not so much for their content, but for the fact that they have a pretty damn unorganised wordpress blog and finding useful info isn't exactly made easy. What they need is a post/page at http://learn.kohanaphp.com that lists the most important tutorials, rather than forcing you to wade through the whole blog.Anyway, rant over, I'd start here:http://zacklive.com/hello-world-tutorial-for-kohana/15/Then:http://learn.kohanaphp.com/2008/03/26/blog-tutorial-1/http://learn.kohanaphp.com/2008/03/28/blog-tutorial-part-2/Other articles of interest:http://www.ninjapenguin.co.uk/blog/2008/06/21/kohana-pagination-tutorial/http://learn.kohanaphp.com/2008/04/25/using-auto_modeler-to-write-quicker-code/http://www.ninjapenguin.co.uk/blog/2008/06/29/practical-kohana-hooks-example-phpids/http://learn.kohanaphp.com/2008/04/14/5-tips-to-help-you-find-something-youre-looking-for-in-kohana/And, of course, Google.

posted date: 2009-01-21 14:33:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#6
I had exactly the same problem! After a few searches I found the Kohaha101.pdf. This guide/tutorial really got me started!Link:[http://pixelpeter.com/kohana/kohana101.pdf1Good luck and enjoy Kohana!

posted date: 2009-07-01 03:59:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#7
Kohana Primer is pretty good.

posted date: 2009-07-02 22:17:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#8
Learning Kohana is a pain. There is some information out there but it's all over the place and Google is your best ally. The support forums are pretty good but it's very much a framework for PHP geeks. It addresses all of the fundamental flaws of PHP and provides a clean MVC design pattern but nothing more.The advantage of such a minimal approach is that it's lean and lightning fast. When things don't work you will find the need to go through the libraries as sometimes it's easier to understand what methods/properties are available or how they work by looking through the underlying code. It would be nice for somebody to donate some money and for the team to pump it into proper documentation as it's the achilles heel of the whole project.

posted date: 2009-07-18 09:44:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#9
Just wanted to tell everyone that the Kohana 101 has been transfered to the wiki and it is (and will be) up to date with the current stable versions of the Kohana framework.You can find it here.

posted date: 2009-08-02 15:26:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#10
Since this is bumped anyway:If you're looking for Kohana 3 beginners tutorials, the ones listed at the bottom of the unoffical Wiki are pretty good.

posted date: 2010-03-17 00:00:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#11
+1 .. Thank you ... coming at it today after working mostly with CI.

posted date: 2010-03-17 00:17:00

Re: Searching for a Kohana Beginner's Tutorial for PHP#12
Here's another link (non-pdf) dev.kohanaframework.org/wiki/kohana2/Kohana101

posted date: 2010-05-10 06:24:00

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