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Cakephp Password Protection with htaccess and htpasswd - howto?#1
How can I password protect my website during development with htaccess in Cakephp?

which htaccess file do I have to change?
what do I have to write in the htaccess
where do I put the .htpasswd?

I searched google for that but couldn(t find anything useful, I hope you could help me!

Thanks Till that helped me solve the problem!

For CakePHP-Users:
- Modify the .htaccess in /app/webroot/
- add something like that at the beginning of the .htaccess-file:

AuthName "Restricted Area" 
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /complete/path/to/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
require valid-user

Now create the .htpasswd-File in /app/webroot/ and drop something like this in:


The "PASSWORD" is a transformed version of your real password, I created it with this tool: http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/password/

I think there are much more ways to create this, but for me it worked and maybe this helps other cakephp users too.

posted date: 2009-04-14 03:11:00

Re: Cakephp Password Protection with htaccess and htpasswd - howto?#2
I had made out the solution of this problem. click to view my topic...

hope that hepls.

posted date: 2009-04-14 03:11:01

Re: Cakephp Password Protection with htaccess and htpasswd - howto?#3
You probably have a .htaccess in your document root, so you would add to this file since it(s the first so to speak -- if you want to protect the entire website. Otherwise add a .htaccess file in the directory you wish to protect.Then, check out this howto:http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/howto/auth.htmlIn a nutshell, this is what you add:AuthType BasicAuthName "dev"AuthUserFile /complete/path/to/.htpasswdRequire valid-userThe command to add users is:htpasswd -c /complete/path/to/.htpasswd yourusernameMake sure you read the above howto anyway!

posted date: 2009-04-14 03:33:00

Re: Cakephp Password Protection with htaccess and htpasswd - howto?#4
http://snook.ca/archives/servers/password%5Fprotect%5Fadmin/The first link has information on using .htaccess security from within cake apps. The comments include a >hackish< workaround on how to do this for only the admin routes.

posted date: 2009-08-27 15:20:00

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