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Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#1
Any one know how can I display the loading progress with completed % on my client side while the system is still getting data in the server side.

For example, when I press (ok( button in the client side, it will call to server side to collect data from the database, the whole process may take 2 to 3 mins. How can I display the loading progress on the client side (about how many % of the loding have been done)?

How can I do it in php, ajax or javascript?

posted date: 2009-04-15 16:46:00

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#2
I had made out the solution of this problem. click to view my topic...

hope that hepls.

posted date: 2009-04-15 16:46:01

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#3
I do this by paging the results.First request is to get a count. Then break up the request into a set of groups.Then start requesting the groups one at a time.For example: if there are 100 records to return, I break them up into groups of 10.Then I can easily display 10% ... 20%...etcI don(t know of anyway to do this.

posted date: 2009-04-15 16:49:00

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#4
jQuery can display a splash screen (div) while the ajax request is running. This can be done for each request with .ajaxStart and .ajaxEnd (or .ajaxStop) or a more complicated approach is to use Dojo(s dojo.io.bind or follow the Periodic Refresh Pattern below.Periodic Refresh

posted date: 2009-04-15 16:50:00

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#5
it(s not that easy. if the ajax call starts the processing, you could do a chunked/multipart response (that(s how most dhtml chats are implemented). google for "COMET".basically it works like that:client: ajax call requesting the start of the long running actionserver: start the long running action, echo 0%, flush(); (without script termination)client: recieves a response with the flushed content (special callback), displays the value and but the connection stays open!server: after x action calculate the percentage, echo and flush();client: see #3server: if the script is complete, terminateclient: normal event/callback for end of script. display 100%, open next pagei once (when async javascript was still new!) coded a little demo ... it(s a bit defunct now, but the async part still works. you can find it here: http://wehrlos.strain.at/httpreq/client.htmlthe javascript clientside code usedfunction asSendSyncMulti() { var httpReq = new XMLHttpRequest(); showMessage( (Sending Sync Multipart ( + (++this.reqCount) ); // Sync - wait until data arrives httpReq.multipart = true; httpReq.open( (GET(, (server.php?multipart=true&c=( + (this.reqCount), false ); httpReq.onload = showReq; httpReq.send( null );}function showReq( event ) { if ( event.target.readyState == 4 ) { showMessage( (Data arrives: ( + event.target.responseText ); } else { alert( (an error occured: ( + event.target.readyState ); }}the serverside php code for the multipart part:<?php $c = $_GET[ (c( ]; header((Content-type: multipart/x-mixed-replace;boundary="rn9012"(); sleep( 1 ); print "--rn9012\n"; print "Content-type: application/xml\n\n"; print "<?xml version=(1.0(?>\n"; print "<content>Multipart: First Part of Request " . $c . "</content>\n"; print "--rn9012\n"; flush(); sleep( 3 ); print "Content-type: application/xml\n\n"; print "<?xml version=(1.0(?>\n"; print "<content>Multipart: Second Part of Request " . $c . "</content>\n"; print "--rn9012--\n";?>it(s nothing more than a nudge in a possible direction. not html-compliant or cross browsery. use json instead of xml. on the server side, output caching (e.g. for compression) must be turned off, otherwise the flush(); won(t do anything. and the --rn9012 should be something that never occures in your outputted data (unlikley if you just display progress but still).

posted date: 2009-04-16 07:08:00

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#6
multipart/x-mixed-replace; with flush should work in a stateless load balanced environment.The approaches that rely on periodic GET requests to check progress will not succeed in environments where subsequent requests might go to a different back end.

posted date: 2009-05-21 15:12:00

Re: Loading progress in php, ajax or javascript?#7
I needed the same thing done - tracking Ajax data download progress - so I(ll post a solution that I used in case someone bumps into this thread:var req = new XMLHttpRequest();req.addEventListener("progress", onUpdateProgress, false);req.addEventListener("load", onTransferComplete, false);req.addEventListener("error", onTransferFailed, false);req.addEventListener("abort", onTransferAborted, false);req.open("GET", ..., true);...req.send()function onUpdateProgress(e) { if (e.lengthComputable) { var percent_complete = e.loaded/e.total; document.getElementById("progressMessage").value = Math.round(percentComplete*100) +"% [ " + Math.round(e.loaded / 1000) + " KB ]"; ... } else { // Length not known, to avoid division by zero }}function onTransferComplete(e) { ... }function onTransferFailed(e) { ... }function onTransferAborted(e) { ... }

posted date: 2010-01-05 12:10:00

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