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When would you need to use late static binding? by Stuart»2008-09-17 12:20:008
What's the difference between the different XML parsing libraries in PHP5? by Nachocual»2008-10-29 05:41:0013
What's the best way to run Wordpress on the same domain as a Rails application? by Brian Deterling»2008-09-17 18:33:0010
Zend Framework Select Operator Precedence by Aron Rotteveel»2008-09-16 23:38:003
mysqli_statement::num_rows() returns the wrong value by Steven Oxley»2008-09-16 21:27:008
How do the PHP equality (== double equals) and identity (=== triple equals) comparison operators differ? by nickf»2008-09-16 22:56:0033
Why easyphp stop all apache processes on severals PC? by Cédric Girard»2008-09-18 01:06:003
Are PHP Variables passed by value or by reference? by cmcculloh»2008-08-03 14:51:0026
Fastest way to determine image resolution and file type in PHP or Unix command line? by Gilles»2008-09-17 23:43:0016
Which is faster, python webpages or php webpages? by Echo»2008-09-16 13:05:0020
Alternative to PHP QuickForm? by Readonly»2008-09-12 22:47:009
Implications of Instantiating Objects with Dynamic Variables in PHP by Alan Storm»2008-09-06 17:27:0013
How do I create a node from a cron job in drupal? by Steven Noble»2008-09-17 15:08:0011
Running a scheduled task in a Wordpress plug-in by Darcy Casselman»2008-09-10 05:32:007
PDF Imposition in PHP by Erin»2008-09-17 16:10:008
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