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PHP - Large Integer mod calculation by Kami»2009-04-17 02:22:002
PHP $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] sometimes resolves to empty string by Luke»2009-04-17 01:53:009
Problem with HTML_ToPDF class (PHP) by jävi»2009-04-17 00:57:005
Notification message using php by Gautam Lakum»2009-04-16 23:18:009
PHP: Escape Quotes ONLY outside of HTML tags (Regex) by maticulouse»2009-04-16 22:01:0016
video plug-in for moodle by sidsag»2009-04-16 21:48:006
Phpmyadmin Mysql error by pankaj»2009-04-16 21:33:005
is this at least mildly secure php code? by helloandre»2009-04-16 21:32:008
Review some code? by Keith Donegan»2009-04-16 21:18:0013
How can I upload/resize images taken with a digital camera? by Levi»2009-04-16 20:30:0012
php regex to remove HTML by Me1000»2009-04-16 18:53:0015
How to delete a PHP session? by user39653»2009-04-16 18:41:006
Load list of image from folder by menardmam»2009-04-16 16:31:0012
Is there anything like Chronic available in PHP? by Kyle»2009-04-16 16:28:005
Delete first four lines from the top in content stored in a variable by Ian»2009-04-16 15:49:0012
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